S.O.S. LLC can provide the following services:


  • IT Infrastructure consulting for new businesses, or pre-construction/build-out/remodeling of commercial space. This includes providing guidance on electrical and cabling needs, as well as providing for the provisioning of a specialized “IT/Server Room”, calculating recommended A/C and UPS/Generator requirements.
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure…including network equipment and servers.
  • Consulting, design, configuration, installation, and maintenance of network and server needs, whether those needs are met by a single stand-alone “box” on a shelf or several racks full of redundant servers in a “Server Room” or data center.
  • Sales, setup and support of desktop PC’s, Windows or OS X (or a mix).  We are primarily a Microsoft Windows provider, but can provide support for items like Mac Minis and MacBooks.
  • Sales and support of “hosted” phone systems, i.e. Voice over IP.
  • Design and provisioning of data center sites, including researching facilities, and handling all setup/build-out arrangements (i.e. ordering data lines, cross-connects, installing servers and network equipment, working with data providers and aggegrators, like SFTI, Interactive Data, NYSE, BATS, DirectEdge, various “dark pools”, etc).
  • Consultation and involvement in all stages of choosing providers and installation of data lines, i.e. internet services, point-to-point cable connections, remote office links (including satellite and microwave), etc.  Sometimes requires “thinking outside the box” to resolve unique situations… i.e. we’ve had a client who wanted to be able to do financial trading from a ranch in Canada- in a remote location with no cable modems, DSL, or fiber (and satellite latency was too slow for trading)….  strictly dial-up from modems (!)… we came up with a solution that worked…
  • Managed/hosted “cloud” services, like email, including Microsoft Exchange, with smartphone support…
  • Security and data integrity solutions, including anti-virus/anti-malware, network intrusion prevention and detection, etc. for networks, systems, and email.  We prefer whole-company solutions that prevent bad stuff from ever getting into the company network to the PC level and have several solutions available, including “unified threat management” systems and services, as well as centralized anti-virus type solutions.  Of course, we can also provide “clean up” to aisle three– after “infection” virus removal services as well.  We can also provide advice for physical security of your office and systems, to help with legal compliance issues (i.e. HIPAA).
  • We can provide HIPAA compliant solutions, including encrypted email, data security, archiving, and backup, as well as patient portal kiosks…we work with solution providers who can provide BAA’s  for Meaningful Use Stage 2 compliance etc.
  • Backup solutions including hybrid appliances that allow for both “local” and “cloud” backups… no old-school tapes to futz with. And we’ll make sure the backups actually work– something that is far too often overlooked.  We can also work with you on disaster recovery/business continuity planning.
  • We have experience in the CAD field (installing and supporting AutoCAD, as well as hardware like digitizers and plotters), providing CAD support to engineers, architects, and manufacturers in various industries.
  • We have experience working with financial companies to provide for trading systems and services (i.e. simple Bloomberg setups to complex multicast raw market data feeds into custom feed-handler servers, providing real-time tick data to custom trading client software).


  • TL;DR (too long, didn’t read the above?): If you need service or support for computers or phones, call SOS. Most likely, we have experience doing what you need.

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