SOS specializes in support for the small office environment (we consider small to be from 1 to 150 people).  We can manage all your IT needs, from initial build-out specifications of IT infrastructure (i.e. IT room, cabling, and power requirements for new construction or remodeling) to regular desktop support to data center infrastructure design, build, and maintenance.

We can get a couple of machines running on the Internet for you if that’s what you need, or setup racks full of servers in data centers that handle high-speed multicast raw market feeds.  We can provide desktop support and maintenance (virus/malware prevention and removal), printer/plotter install/support, and voice-over-IP phone systems.

In other words, if it has something to do with computers and technology, we can probably do it for you…in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  No jargon.  No buzzwords.  No nonsense.  Just straight dealing- what YOU need for YOUR business, NOT what we need to meet some profit quota.

Joe Newman, the CEO and founder of Small Office Systems, has been involved with computers and providing service and support for computer systems for over 30 years… he started in “the business” as a Sinclair dealer, and was featured in the November, 1987 issue of Componline-today-300x274uServe’s “Online Today” magazine.  Joe has also had several articles published in various computer magazines, as well as having been acknowledged for providing information for two computer books.  He’s not one of those phony paper “experts”– Joe has really “been there” and “done that”.

Over the years, Joe has rarely resorted to any type of advertising, and has provided service and support to hundreds of clients- mainly by word of mouth.  In over 30 years of support services, Joe has never been fired or told “we no longer need your services” by even a single client.



The name “Small Office Systems” may sound odd, or a bit limiting… here’s the story behind the name:  Over the years, in various support positions, Joe Newman, founder of SOS, has often been called in to clean up “someone else’s mess”…. “save us!” has too often been the cry for help of our clients…we’ve heard it all- “Our IT person is: [too expensive] [too slow] [never gets back to us] [hasn’t solved this problem][charged us for repeated fix attempts, and we still have the problem]” … so Joe started thinking of a business name that somehow incorporated use of “Save Us” or the famous Morse Code “S.O.S.” cry for help.  Save Our Systems was one of the potential names… but we also wanted to somehow indicate that we were more personal, that you’d see the same face providing your IT services, you wouldn’t be lost in the bowels of some mega-support company, where you are a number… and “small” seemed to work for that purpose…

Our philosophy is to treat our clients the way we’d like to be treated by others– with honesty, integrity, and fairness. If we, for whatever reason, are unable to resolve your issue in a reasonable amount of time, we give YOU the CHOICE to say “get lost”, and you owe us NOTHING, or to allow us to proceed if we feel we are close to a resolution (By-the-way, we’ve never been told to “get lost”…ever).  We will always work to make sure our billing and charges are super fair, in your favor….i.e., if we take a few minutes to fix something remotely, we probably won’t charge you a cent.  Why not?  KARMA, BABY!  If we’re good to you, we believe you will be good to us, and continue to use us for your IT needs– we want you to be our LONG TERM client, not short term “quick money”.

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