Speed boost for Windows?

Greetings… here’s something interesting I stumbled across recently.  I had a client who was experiencing issues with slow performance in Microsoft Outlook (there’s a surprise)… so while researching his particular issue, I came across this Windows registry change that made a noticeable improvement in not just his Outlook performance, but on pretty much everything he was using on his PC… I’ve now tried this on a bunch of machines, and it has worked on all of them to improve performance of all MS Office applications as well as Internet browsers (including Opera).

This article talks about doing this for Windows 8.x and Office 2013, but I have been using it with Windows 7 and Office 2010…


Note that in these instructions, it shows making the registry change under “office\15.0\common”… you may need to do the change in “office\14.0\common”.

If you have never modified the Windows registry, or are not clear on these instructions, give us a call– we can make the change via remote desktop within 5 minutes.  And if it doesn’t work for you, or causes issues (some people complain that graphics become “fuzzy” or blurry), the change can be undone.

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