Starting a new business?


If you’re starting a new business, you’ve got a lot on your mind… IT infrastructure is probably way down on the list (or may not have even made it to the list!)…  so call US first, and we’ll be there to assess your situation and help you determine exactly what you need in terms of IT– from pre-construction/build-out recommendations (i.e. power and network/phone cabling requirements) to in-house and/or off-site servers, desktop PC’s, IT security, and phone systems.

Shoot, you can call us second or third even– if you have any questions in your mind regarding any proposal or recommendations that aren’t being answered to your satisfaction, call us for that 2nd opinion.  We don’t even need to see that other guy’s proposal- just fire some questions at us, and see what we say.  No charge.

AND we don’t charge any kind of “consultation” fees.  We’ll meet with you and go over your situation, assess your real needs, and provide our detailed proposal (with explanations of why we recommend what we do).

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